小学英语试题 小学英语试题和参考答案


小学英语试题 第1部分


1.My brother plays–football very well.

A.a B.the C. all D. /

2.Birds — when there isn‘t enough food for them.

A. starve B.are starving C.starved D.starves

3.I can see an apple ________ the apple tree and a bird ________ the banana tree.

A.on, in B.in,in C.on,on D.in,on

4.I have a red box.It’s full ________ toys,so it‘s very ________.

A.of, light B.for,big C.like,small D.of,heavy

5.Your football shoes are under the chair.Please ________.

A.put away it B.put it away C.put away them D.put them away

6.Mom’s in a bad _____,so be nice to her.

A.time B.trouble C. manner D.mood

二、 阅读理解

Mr.White looks out of his window.There is a boy at the other side of the street.The boy takes some bread out of a bag and begins eating it.There is a very thin dog in the street, too.The boy says to it, I‘ll give you some bread. The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but he does not give it any bread.He kicks the dog.It runs away, and the boy laughs.

Then Mr.White comes out of his house and says to the boy.I’ll give you a shilling (先令).The boy is happy and says,Yes.Come here. Mr.White says.The boy goes to him,but Mr.White does not give him a shilling.He hits him with a stick. The boy cries and says, Why do you hit me? I do not ask you for any money. No, Mr.White says,And the dog does not ask you for any bread,but you kick it.

1.Where is Mr.White at first?

A.He is in the room

B.He is in the street.

C.He is in front of the house.

D.He stands close to the boy.

2.Why does the dog go to the boy? Because__________.

A.it wants to eat

B.the boy asks it to do so

C.the boy is the dog‘s owner

D.the boy is friendly to it

3.Why does the dog run away? Because__________.

A.the boy gives some bread

B.the dog doesn’t like bread

C.the dog doesn‘t like the boy

D.the boy kicks the dog

4.Why does Mr.White tell the boy to come up to him? Because he wants to__________.

A.give him a shilling

B.give him a good lesson(教训)

C.give him some more bread

D.help the boy

5.What kind of man do you think Mr.White is? He is a __________man.

A.cruel (粗鲁的)

B.sympathetic (富有同情心的)


D.polite (有礼貌的)



1.D 解析:本题考查冠词的用法,在球类的名词前不加冠词。

2.A 解析:本题可以用排除法,本句不强调现在正在进行的动作,所以不选B。从句中是一般现在时,根据句意,不需要用过去是,C排除。Birds是复数,不需要用单三形式,D排除,所以选A.

3.A 解析:on表示本来就在数上的东西,如水果叶子等;in表示外来物在树上,指原来并不长在树上的东西。所以选A。

4.D 解析:be full of指装满–,这是固定的用法。然后根据句意判断,箱子里装满玩具,所以应该是很重的。

5.D 解析:此类词组在与代词连用时应该把代词放在中间,跟名词连用时则放中间或末尾均可。类似词组还有put on, take away,等,本句中代词指代的是shoes应该用them。

6.D 解析:be in a bad mood表示某人的心情不好。。


1.A 解析:本题可以从第一句得出答案,他从窗户往外看,可以推出他是在屋里的。

2.A 解析:本题从第三行的.最后一句可以得出答案,狗很饿然后它走向小男孩。狗是想吃东西才向小男孩走去。

3.D 解析:本题答案在第四行。

4.B 解析:最后两题都需要在理解后半部分故事的基础上进行推敲。Mr. White把小男孩叫过来说要给他一个先令,但是他打了小男孩一顿,正如小男孩对小狗做的一样。Mr. White是为了教训小男孩。其他三项都是不准确的。

5.B 解析:读懂整篇故事,就可以知道,Mr White是对小动物很有同情心的。

小学英语试题 第2部分


1. 有相同的爱好_____________ 2. do well in _____________________

3. 和…交谈_______________ 4. go for a walk ___________________

5. 得了重感冒________________ 6. that’s true ____________________

7. 在周末 _________________ 8. do more exercise ________________

9. 玩得很高兴________________ 10. well done ______________________


1. What are the _________ (孩子们)doing?

2. David likes _________ __________ (收集邮票).

3. Can Wang Bing jump _________ ___________ ____________ (一样远)his classmates?

4. You’ll get ________ (更强壮)and you’ll do _________(更好)in PE.

5. Shall we __________(开始)our __________ (课)now?

6. Tom is _________ (缺席)because he ___________ ________ (生病) today.

7. Please speak _________ (大声地).I can’t _________ (听见)you.


1. He’s not as __________ (strong) as the other children.

2. Look! They’re __________ (have) a chat.

3. Jim can play music __________ (beautiful).

4. Which is _________ (heavy), the bear or the elephant?

5. Have a good rest. You’ll get _________ (good) soon.

6. A: What ________ (do) Yang Ling often do after school?

B: He ______ (go) home and ________ (draw) some pictures.

7. A: What ________ (do) Su Hai do last Sunday morning?

B: He __________ (go) for a walk in the park.



( ) 1. Do you have any problems A: I get up at six thirty.

with your homework?

( ) 2. What time do you get up? B: I’m sorry. The traffic was heavy.

( ) 3. How about going out for a C: I’m good at Chinese.

walk around the lake?

( ) 4. Can you jump higher than Ben? D: Yes, there are.

( ) 5. What’s the matter? E: Yes, she is.

( ) 6. Is your mother good at driving a car? F: That’s a good idea.

( ) 7. Are these any butterflies? G: I have some problems with English.

( ) 8. You’re late. H: Liu Tao’s.

( ) 9. What are you good at? I: Yes, I can.

( ) 10. Whose schoolbag is heavier? J: No, I don’t.

小学英语试题 第3部分


一、Listen and choose


( ) 1. A. climbing B. climb C. climbs

( ) 2. A. swinging B. swimming C. swim

( ) 3. A.7:50 B.7:15 C. 7:30

( ) 4. A. date B. day C. daily

( ) 5. A. cloudy B. cold C. cool

( ) 6. A. July B. June C. January

( ) 7. A. fruit B. food C. foot

( ) 8. A. B. C.

( ) 9. A. B. C.

( ) 10. A. B. C.

二、Listen and judge

你将听到一个句子或一组对话,请根据所听到的内容, 判断图片或句子是否相符, 相符的在相应的.括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”。(每小题1分,共10分)

1. . 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

4. 5.

( ) ( )

6. John and Wu Yifan are picking up leaves. ( )

7. My father is watching TV with my mother in the living room. ( )

8. I often climb mountains on the weekend. ( )

9. The tigers can’t fly but can swim. ( )

10. I often do morning exercises at 8:20. ( )

三、Listen and choose


( ) 1. A. John is watching insects. B. Amy is writing a report.

C. I am doing homework.

( ) 2. A. I’d like to swim. B. I like swimming. C. I can swim.

( ) 3. A. At 8:30p.m. B. At 8:00 a.m. C. At 12:00 noon.

( ) 4. A. Yes, she is. B. No, he isn’t. C. No, it’s in September.

( ) 5. A. He’s picking apples. B. They’re doing an experiment.

C. We are collecting leaves.

四、Listen and fill

听录音,根据对话内容填入所缺的单词, 使句子意思合理、完整,每空只填一词,注意大小写的规范要求。(每空1分,共5分)

1. A: What are the students doing? B: They are _________swimming.

2. A: When do you do morning ? B: At 9:00.

3. I like winter. Because II can make a ____________.

4. My birthday is in _____________. How about you?

5. My dad is_______________ the phone.

五、Listen and choose


1. for the rain to paint a rainbow. ( A. way B. wait )

2.A without hair does not care what he wears. ( A. bear B. beer )

3. chips sell in cheap chip shops. ( A. cheap B. check )

4.You ate with my group. ( A. coup B. soup )

5.Smart snails smile slow smiles. ( A. small B. smell )

六、Listen and judge


( ) 1. There are four people in Sarah’s family.

( ) 2.Sarah likes winter. Because she can skate.

( ) 3. Sarah’s brother likes fall best.

( ) 4. Sarah’s mother likes planting trees.

( ) 5. Sarah’s father likes swinging.


七、Read and fill


1. A: do you have __________? B: At 7:10 in the morning.

2. A: What do you on the weekend?

B: I often play basketball. ________ I go hiking.

3. A: ______ do you like summer? B: ___________ I can swim.

4. A: Teacher s’ Day is ____________ 10th.

5. The _________ day of the week is Sunday.

6. John and Mike _________ playing chess under a big tree.

7. The pandas can __________ trees.

八、Read and choose


A: Hello, this is Amy!

B: This is Sarah. _____________________________?

A: I am sorry. She is busy now. Please hold on.

B: ______________________________________________?

A : She is listening to music. She is coming.

B: Hi, Chen Jie! ________________________________________.

C: I go to the playground at 7:00 in the morning.

B: It is early. ______________________________________?

C: I get up at 6:00.

B: Shall we meet at 6:50 at school?

C: ___________________________________________.

九、Ask and answer


1. A: (根据图片提问)

B: No, she is answering the phone.

2. A: What are the tigers doing?(根据提示图回答)


3. A:What date is it today? (按实际情况回答)


4. A:

B: Yes, I usually play ping-pong at 3:00.

5. A: When is your grandma’s birthday?


十、Read and judge


Today is June 1st. It’s Children’s Day. My father takes me to the zoo. There are many kids of animals, such as tigers, pandas, monkeys, elephants and giraffes.

Look, the elephants are walking by the river. The monkeys are climbing mountains. The giraffes are eating leaves. I like pandas best. They are eating bamboo now. Where are the tigers? Oh, they are fighting. I love all the animals.

( )1. Tomorrow is June 2nd.

( )2. Today is Teacher’s Day.

( )3. The giraffes are eating leaves. I like giraffes best.

( )4. The monkeys can climb mountains.

( )5. My mother takes me to the zoo.


一、Listen and choose

1. The monkeys often climb trees.

2. The ducks are swimming.

3.My mother often goes to work at 7:50.

4. What date is it? It’s June 16th.

5. The weather is cool in autumn in Dongguan.

6. It’s June 1st. It’s Children’s Day.

7. What’s your favourite fruit? Apples.

8. The monkey is jumping.

9. The girl is doing homework.

10. I like winter. Because I can ski.

答案:B B A A C B A B C B

二、Listen and judge

1.Today is National Day. It’s my birthday too.

2. I often do housework on the weekend.

3.Is the elephant walking? No, the elephant is drinking water.

4. The weather is cold and windy in winter.

5. Are you watching TV, Mike? No, I am watching insects.

6. John is picking up leaves. Wu Yifan is picking apples.

7.My parents are watching TV in the living room.

8. I often go hiking on the weekend. Sometimes I climb mountains.

9.Can the tigers fly? No, but they can swim.

10. I often do English exercises at 8:20.

答案: √×××√ ×√×√×

三、Listen and choose

1. What is Amy doing, John?

2. What would you like to do in summer?

3. When do you do morning exercises?

4. Is your mom’s birthday in August?

5. What are you doing, John and Mike?

答案:B A B C C

四、Listen and fill

1.What are the students doing? They are going swimming.

2. When do you do morning exercises? At 9:00.

3. I like winter. Because I can make a snowman.

4. My birthday is in November. How about you?

5. My dad is answering the phone.

答案:1. going 2. exercises 3. snowman 4. November 5. answering

五、listen and choose

1.Wait for the rain to paint a rainbow.

2. A bear without hair does not care what he wears.

3. Cheap chips sell in cheap chip shops.

4.You ate soup with my group.

5. Smart snails smile small slow smiles.

答案:B A A B A

六、Listen and judge

Hello, I am Sarah. I have a happy family. We like different seasons. I like winter best, because it’s snowy here. I can skate and make a snowman. My brother doesn’t like winter. He likes autumn. In autumn, the weather is cloudy and cool. He can fly kites. My mother likes spring, because she can plant flowers. My father likes summer best. He can swim in the river.

答案:√ √ √ × ×

七、Read and fill

答案: 1. When breakfast 2. do Sometimes

3. Why Because 4. September

5. first 6. are 7. climbing

八、Read and choose

答案: A C B E G

九、Ask and answer

1. Is Amy listening to music?

2. They are fighting.

3. It’s…

4. Do you usually play ping-pong at 3:00.

5. It’s Sept. 10th.

十、Read and judge

答案: √ × × √ ×




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